Mittwoch, 6. Juni 2012

Japantag 2012

ooow  hallihallöööchen <3

fer japantag war soooo
A scoop of mint chocolate chip, my favorite flavor. A scoop of strawberry.
<img src= A scoop of double chocolate with fudge ribbons and most likely brownie pieces. A scoop of blackberry cheesecake. A scoop of vanilla with rainbow sprinkles. A scoop of peppermint, with little red hot candy pieces. A scoop of tropical punch sherbert. A scoop of rocky road, with those marshmallows and almonds. A scoop of chocolate chip cookie dough, with a caramel ribbon. A scoop of strawberry cheesecake. A scoop of vanilla A scoop of not quite neapolitan--that one that has pistachio ice cream in it.
Wunder wunder wuuuunderschööön
ich hab nette menschen kennengelernt <3
mein outfit^^

viele tolle dinge gekauft^^

-Rillakkuma puschen
- ein rieeeesiger Stoffhase <3

ich ha´be gaaaaaaaaaanz viele menschen geknuddeelt
owww es war wunderschöööön <3

bye byechen^^
eire kleine kurii^^